We blogged about the building process of our house to document it for ourselves and to help others. Our house is finished and we have moved in and we love our home. Building a house isn't a process that goes perfectly, no matter what builder you pick, and this is our story. Every problem we had during the building process has been made right by Ryan homes. This isn't complaint blog, its how we felt at the time of our post during the building process.


Before Breaking Ground:
7/19/14 First Visited the Community and first visit to the Model at a different community
7/20/14 Signed the paperwork to lock in our lot
7/25/14 Meant with Mortgage people to get approved
7/30/14 Change Order for Double Patio BSMT Door, Red Flag relocation of BSMT Door, 3 Ceiling Fan rough in
8/7/14 Put our current place on the market 
8/9/14 Wiring appointment
8/12/14 Flooring appointment
8/26/14 Change Order for Wiring and Flooring upgrade, Red Flag Mud Set Tile, and extra outlet
10/3/14 Change Order for relocating our already relocated Patio Door after learn about a rear covered porch that was included
*10/13/14 Original break ground date
11/10/14 Took our current place off the Market to switch realtors after my realtor failed to provide me with for sale sign and told me to get my own sign
11/14/14 Put our current back on the Market with a different realtor that gave me a sign :)
11/15/14 Lot Transfer (As there was mistake original agreement with our lot number, but still the same lot)
12/13/14 2nd flooring appointment (Change Kitchen Floor)
12/19/14 Change Order to remove Granite lip in Kitchen 
12/19/14 Pre-Construction Meeting
*1/31/15 Original closing Date
2/17/15 Accepted an offer on our current place
3/26/15 Closed on our old place
4/23/15 Gravel on our street
4/29/15 Curb on our street
5/9/15 Our street paved 

After breaking ground 
5/18/15 Week 1 (Break ground, Excavation, Footing, Plumbing Ground Works Installed, and Foundation)
5/25/15 Week 2 (Plumbing Ground Works Inspected, Cutout Corrected Basement Door, and Backfill the Foundation)
6/1/15 Week 3 (Poured Basement Slab)
6/8/15 Week 4 (Framing- floors, walls, and roof done)
6/15/15 Week 5 (Windows, Mechanicals, stairs and correcting crooked pole)
6/22/15 Week 6 Mechanicals (heating/cooling system, plumbing, electrical finished up) and Insulation
6/26/15 Pre-Drywall Meeting
6/29/15 Week 7 Drywall
7/6/15 Week 8 Paint and Trim
7/13/15 Week 9 Final Trades and (Title and Vinyl)
7/20/15 Week 10 Final Trades and (Carpet)
7/27/15 Week 11 Carpet and wrapping up inside
8/2/15 Week 12  Landscaping and fixing issues from week 10 and 11
8/9/15 Week 13 final walk through and fixes
8/11/15 Pre-Settlement Demonstration
8/14/15 Planned closing and actual closing :) (we got are settlement letter on June 15)
30 day check in lasted long than a day or week, a little annoying but whatever gets done

Coming soon
10 month Check-in

We decided on a family inspection instead of hiring someone. It’s sad to say I trust my family more than I trust someone I pay. This is because our family actually knows their stuff, and they all love to point out other people’s mistakes.  My husband was an electrician when we first meant, so I trust him to look over all the wiring.  We will have my grandfather checkout all the plumbing as he teaches all the master plumbing classes at the college near where he lives and has been a plumber forever. My Dad built his own house many years ago and did almost everything himself. I trust them way more than an inspector that hasn’t been a plumber/electrician.

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