We blogged about the building process of our house to document it for ourselves and to help others. Our house is finished and we have moved in and we love our home. Building a house isn't a process that goes perfectly, no matter what builder you pick, and this is our story. Every problem we had during the building process has been made right by Ryan homes. This isn't complaint blog, its how we felt at the time of our post during the building process.

Pre-Construction Meeting

I prepared a list of questions for our pre-construction meeting. I sent my list of questions to our SR a week early. He passed them along to our PM. 

Note: A lot of my questions couldn't be answered at this stage. At first I didn't understand this, now it's more clear. Our pre-construction meeting was first scheduled in October 10 with breaking ground on October 13. We ended up having our meeting on Dec 19 with an estimate breaking ground day on February 9. Notice the gap from the pre-construction meeting and breaking ground date. Not sure why they went ahead with our meeting so far in advance, but they did and it lead to my unanswered questions. This doesn't bother me as long as I get my questions answered before building starts... The ones in bold I will ask again before we start building and the italic ones i will check up on during the build. 

(I plan to update this when my unanswered questions get answered, and date the answers given after the meeting)

1.       Timeline Questions
o    What’s our estimated timeline or milestones for our build including closing date and rate lock in date? 

1 or 2 weeks after 4/27 (notice they didn't give me a date but a range based on another date) I heard from my mortgage company that they were told May 13, so I'm going with that, until I hear different.

o    What inspections will be happening at each stage? Can we attend if they are scheduled?

They couldn't give me a list of all of them, but told me about the main one I already knew (pre-drywall). If I want to attend that they could only give me a window of time when the inspections would happen, so I would need to wait around at the job site for hours to attend. I understood the window of time thing.   
This site had the information I was looking for. So glad I found it.

o    If we want to stop by weekly to see the progress is there a day of week and time that works best not to get in the way of workers but also be allowed to check out the house?

They just said call ahead of time. Perfect answer.

o    What type of weather will delay what stages of the build?

As soon as the roof was up the weather delays would stop, unless the weather made it so the workers couldn't get to the job site. 

o    Could there be any more county delays as for approval after are building starts?

Only permits.

o    Project Manager, do you have any vacations plans during our build that you will be unavailable?

He said he had one planed for January, but it was before the build started.

o    What are your normal work hours if we want to make plans to stop by and discuss something?

7am-5pm but meetings only between 8am-3pm. Our PM likes to get the workers starts before any meetings and have time to check there work after meetings. I liked this

o    HOA paperwork date estimate?

None (I have been asking about this since day 1 when we signed the paperwork, I want to know what I'm signing up for before I sign up)

o    When will the landscaping/grass be installed after closing?

Now before closing b/c of date change

o    When do we point out the exact location of the cable and phone?

pre-drywall meeting

o    Will you provide us weekly update as what’s being scheduled for the week and if we are behind and how much behind?

Yes, by e-mail. 

2.       Lot Questions
o    Where will our house be position on our lot (how many feet from street does our house sit)? Can we adjust this at all?

Will be send to us by e-mail when they have it (Haven't gotten yet)

o    Where does our lot start from in the front yard?

Was told to ask again later

o    What is the length of our lot in the front, back, and sides?

Was told to ask again later

o    Where will the houses next to our house be position at?

Was told to ask again later

o    What is our back yard size?

Was told to ask again later

o    What will be the grading of the backyard, can we adjust to make more flat?

Was told to ask again later

o    Where if any will the electrical or cables boxes be on our lot?

Couldn't answer and wont be able to answer. It's the vendors choice I was told. 

o    Where is the Sewer line?


o    Where will the AC unit be located outside?

Garage side rear

o    Where will the water meter and electoral meter be?

Front opp side corner

o    Will hay be put over the dirt until sod or seed is laid?


o    If water ponds in the yard (grass) will you fix this and up to how long after that grass is installed or closing date?

Yes, and they said this shouldn't happen

o    Is it a problem if we install a fence before the grass goes in?


o    What is the grading of the driveway and how long and wide will it be?

At least 15 feet long and flat for the most part

o    Will the Driveway be concrete or paved and when in the process of building is this done?


3.       Plan Questions
o    Are there Plumbing, HVAC, and Electoral plans with our options (door location changed, morning room, extended basement from morning room above, master bath, fan rough-ins, basement bathroom rough-ins) we can have copies of?

There will be but we can't have copies due to copyright laws, Really?

§  Is the garage pre-wired for garage door switch/button and sensors?

Plug in ceiling

§  Is there a light that comes in the garage standard?


§  Is there outlet in the garage on the ceiling and wall?


§  Where will the hose bibs locations be in the front and back? (Not blocked by adding a deck later)

Front and back (should be blocked) no exact locations

§  Where are the outdoor lights all around the house?

All exterior door and A/C unit

§  Is there an outlet on the back of the house?

Yes no exact location

§  Where do all the vents lead to outside including the dryer vent?

Sides no exact location yet

§  Will there be a bathroom door to the basement bathroom rough-ins? Will the rough-ins be open to the rest of the unfinished part, linking both unfinished areas together?

No, the unfinished part will only have one door and it will be all open. (meaning if we finish the bathroom down there we will need to add 2 doors or lose access to the other half of the unfinished part.)

4.       Change Questions
o    Can the Granite lip in the kitchen not be installed?

Yes, did a no cost change order for us right then so it wouldn't be mistakenly installed.

o    Tub access panel, do we have one? If so what does it look like? Can we not have this?

No, but access to the controls for the tub are actually under the sink.

o    Can the Light for the fan rough-ins be the closet to the door on the light switch plates, then the fan, then any others for all the rooms with fan rough-ins?

they said they could fix this later if not the way i wanted

o    Can the hose for the dryer vent indented into the wall so we can move the dryer all the way against the wall in the laundry room?

they already do this

o    Does the floor of the laundry room have extra support?


o    Is there any insulation in the laundry Room inside walls and floor?


5.       Other Questions
o    Can we come by the weekend before the pre dry wall inspection to take pictures and take notes ahead of time?

Yes just call

o    After the insulation is installed but before the drywall goes up other, can we see it?


o    Can the left over materials such as flooring (tile, carpet, wood, laminate) paint (wall, trim, front door), and siding be left in garage for us to have in case we need later?

Yes with-in reason

o    What are the Model # of water heater and HVAC?

Still don't have answer 

o    Smooth ceilings?


o    Trim/crown molding on the top of the cabinets in Kitchen (saw at model) is that included in what we selected?

was on the plans

o    Will we have more than 1 HVAC unit?

just 1

o    If we see something that wrong, who do we need to talk to about getting it fix?

tell our PM

o    Can we bring our own inspector to the pre dry all walk through?

yes, schedule before

o    What type of windows will be installed?

didn't have the answer

o    Screen in Windows?


o    Are the floorboards (subfloor) nailed glued and or screwed? Is this everywhere?

nailed and glued

o    Is there a deadbolt on the garage door, basement door, and front door?

not in garage (I asked this before and was told a different answer, glad i asked again)

o    Will the garage be sheet-rocked and painted?

not painted

o    Is there insulation in the wall between the garage and kitchen and in garage?


o    Where is the thermostat?


o    What is the model # of the thermostat?


o    Will you be changing the locks for us right before closing, or do we have to do that after closing?

yes (this was surprising) still may change again

o    Where is attic (garage and house attic) access? Can we move this?

garage ceiling and upstairs hallway ceiling (didn't need to be moved)

o    Will there be shelves installed in all the bedroom closets and laundry room?

yes (I may ask for them to not be installed as we want to replace them and they will just leave holes in the walls but i haven't decided)


  1. Have you looked at the County Auditor's website to see if they have a copy of your subdivision plat to download? If not, you can visit their office and for a fee they will make you a copy. The plat will have the easements and setbacks for your lot.

  2. I didn't know they had that. I'm going to do some searching now that I know where to start. I was able to find what they submitted to get it approved not sure what it's called, but it doesn't have the lot size information.

  3. I just added a post to my blog to show you how to find the Subdivision Plat.


  4. Thanks for Sharing the useful information about Pre construction services. Great work.