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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week 6, Finished the plumbing, HVAC, electric, and framing. Pre-drywall Meeting and Started Drywall

On Monday of this weekend my husband went by the house to meet with the low voltage guys to confirm the locations of everything that was already put in. He called our PM on the way there to see if he had a second to meet with him to go over all our issues we found last weekend so they could get everything fixed before our pre-drywall meeting, he agreed. My husband pointed out everything and he agreed to fix everything. Most of it was because they weren't finished.

We had our Pre-drywall meeting on Friday morning, and almost everything was already fixed. There were a couple things that weren't finished being fixed and a couple of new things we saw. I was very impressed with our PM, he was on top of everything. Our PM said he was calling the guys to get everything fixed that day and drywall would be going in tomorrow morning. I told him I was going to come back by to take pictures of inside the walls that night. 

When I came back by that night I was little disappointed. It appeared everything we talked about was fixed, but they had already placed all the drywall in house in every room blocking any pictures I wanted to take, and trust me there was no moving that drywall, lol. When I went down stairs to the basement I noticed the floor/wall was wet in 2 spots. It wasn't wet that morning and it had been raining a lot that week, so we should have seen it that morning if there was a leak from the rain. After some investigating, we think we found where the water came from. It looked like someone slipped their water bottle on the wall framed with insulation. It was only wet on the inside so it couldn't have come from outside and there weren't any pipes around that area for it to be coming from a pipe leaking. The other spot was blocked by the drywall, but we guessed they used the clean-out value that was right there to let out the water from testing the pipes earlier that day. 

We checked on Saturday and they had the drywall almost finished and it looked great. The two wet spots they hadn't drywall yet and they were almost dry.

The one thing I'm worried about is the shower drain. It was leaking during our pre-drywall meeting, and I didn't get a good look at it when we came back that night to take pictures. Sham on me for not checking that out. I also hope the water drys in the basement before they drywall it. 

I will post all pictures from this week later. For now here is just a few.

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  1. It is clear to see from the pictures that a lot of work has been accomplished. I am sure that it feels like it is taking forever. If there are wet spots in the basement, then make sure to take a look outside the house and make sure water is draining away. Not taking care of this now can cost lots in the end.

    Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.