We blogged about the building process of our house to document it for ourselves and to help others. Our house is finished and we have moved in and we love our home. Building a house isn't a process that goes perfectly, no matter what builder you pick, and this is our story. Every problem we had during the building process has been made right by Ryan homes. This isn't complaint blog, its how we felt at the time of our post during the building process.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mid-Week 4, Framing, 1st floor

Our wood was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. So my husband went to check it out on his way home from work that day. They had already started framing. I didn't think they would get started so fast, I'm impressed with their speed this week. The main thing I wanted to check was the poles in the basement, as last week some of the holes for poles didn't line with the holes for the beams. And what do you know they put the poles up crooked so they could get them in holes under the beams. I would think they would fix the issue before continuing, I was wrong. Not sure how they will fix this, cut into the  basement floor for a bigger hole or... But they will be fixing it. I have to say other then the crook pole and the rebar sticking out of the basement floor, everything else looked okay at least from the pictures my husband took in the dark. My PM updated us today with a picture. He also said trades will be started mid next week, and we will need to schedule our pre-drywall meeting, how exciting. I didn't  say anything about the poles being crook as I wanted to see it in person and use a level, and give them time to fix it, before I say anything to him about it. And now pictures...I post more when we see it in the sunlight on the weekend.

This is the crooked pole, it doesn't look level to my eyes

This picture of the poles they look level, I think it's the angle of the picture

Back of the morning room, the morning room is huge, so glad we did this option.

Family room and stairs that aren't in yet. It's funny, the morning room feels better than the family room currently.

The front of the house, lookin good

This is the picture from our PM, easier to see in the sunlight :)

Our rear covered porch

Wow look at the size of our morning room :) they just framed the window as a door for now

This is the living room, not sure why there is what looks like a header above one window and not the other, most be a reason I'm guessing.

I'm little annoyed at NVR mortage today, they re-ran our credit without saying anything to us. I got a notice from credit monitoring service, I asked NVR why, they said our approval expired since it's taken so long to get started, I wish they would have told us they needed to do this before they did it. From my understanding they are required to get approval before running our credit, I didn't think they could run it again without approval or notification. With that being said rates are on the rise. They said we might be able to lock in within the next 7-14 days. The question is do we lock now or wait and hope the rates drop, as we can't re lock with our loan type. I also learned about a grant for my mortgage type that will cover our down payment, I heard it's hard to get approved for the grant, but it's worth a try. NVR has been really good to us so far other than re running our credit, so I'm going to forgive them for this. I hope they can find a way to lower the rate with a different loan type. 


  1. House is looking good!

    I'm a bit surprised the PM sent you a picture of a clear OSHA violation (guy standing on top of ladder).

  2. How on earth do they expect to pass inspection with those poles? On the plus side, your window in the back is huge!! Score!! That's going to be a bright airy basement.