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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 1 done, Foundation, footers, and ground plumbing

We went to check our house this weekend, after we got an updated from our PM with a picture, that we had our foundation poured and the plumbing ground works installed. I had a feeling there was a mistake on the location of basement walkout patio door, based on the footers we saw earlier in the week and I was right, it was in the wrong spot.  We had done a red flag change on the location of the basement door, which we confirmed with them at our pre-construction meeting. Our SR was there so we shared the problem with him and asked if we needed to inform our PM of the mistake. Our SR said he would call our PM and see what they could do. Our SR called us later that day saying our PM they would be fixing the foundation to relocate the door.  The door should be where the small window is and window where the door is. They will be cutting the foundation where the wrong small window is to make room for the correct door, then frame in with wood covered in siding instead of concrete the wrong door opening for an upgraded full size window, instead the small window that included. We were given the option to close the opening with concrete with a small window or close the the opening with framing/sliding with a large upgraded window. We picked the large window of course, lol. Hopefully this was the right decision.

 Here is example picture I found on Google (above). Our siding extension will be down the back of the morning room (below).

We doubled checked to make sure we had our 3 piece rough in, and it was there. 

There was a orange dotted line around the house showing the grading. We were very happy with the grading, as it was just what we wanted.

Next week we will have our plumbing inspected and backfill the foundation. Then the next week we will have our basement slab poured and have everything ready for frameing. I'm really excited for the frameing. 

And now for some pictures!!!

Footers from the back of the house, this is when I first notice the basement door maybe put in the wrong location, but wasn't sure at this time, since it wasn't finished yet.

From the right side back, (living room and family room side)

From the right side front, (living room and family room side)

The foundation from the front

From the right front

Side grading :)

The back, the door should be where the small window is on the the right back, and window where the door is. 

View of all the plumbing from the back of the house

Plumbing up close

Main plumbing line up close

Something I thought looked funny, could be nothing but just incase (this is where they should have put our door)

Something I thought looked funny, could be nothing but just incase (this is where the rear porch is)

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  1. I really like the brick like foundation. Hopefully this is the one big mistake of the project and everything else goes smoothly for you. When in doubt.. just ask. It's great to see your house finally started. The Hemingway is such a pretty house to watch go up.