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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We got our design guidelines and standards handbook (HOA)

We received our design guidelines and standards handbook (What I like to call HOA documents) last weekend. We have been really wanting to read this since we had to sign we agreement to it before we could read it, since it wasn't written when we signed our purchase agreement, like many others buying in the beginning stage of communities. My overall reaction to reading it was I’m okay with everything it says, nothing is that big of a deal to me. They were a little too much detailed for my taste, you have to submit a request for almost everything and it cost to submit a request. I don’t understand why we have to submit a request and pay as long as I follow their detailed guidelines. I’m guess this is just how HOA’s are, since this the first time I have actually read this type of document. Feel free to tell me if this is normal or not. Either way I will agree to their detailed rules, lol.

My main worry was a fence. I really wanted to be able to have 6ft privacy fence for my back yard for our very large dog. I was warned when I signed that most likely we would not be able to have what I wanted but would be able to have some type of fence most likely. I was okay as long as we could have a fence for our dog.

Well guess what, we can have a fence that I’m happy, it’s very detailed on what style it has to be, which is making it very hard to find anyone at all that sells this style. I have checked Home depot, Lowes, long fence, and others vendors/stores, but none of them have something that fits the detailed given.

If you know a Vendor that sells 6 feet (72inch) high semi-privacy picket fences white vinyl with dog ear picket caps with 1-1.75 space between pickets (pictured below) let me know please.

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  1. That seems crazy to me. I never had to pay a fee to submit a request in my other home. I know per the HOA's that we can only have a white plastic fence, so hopefully we will not run into the same issue. Let us know where you find the materials or the contractor to build the fence. :)