We blogged about the building process of our house to document it for ourselves and to help others. Our house is finished and we have moved in and we love our home. Building a house isn't a process that goes perfectly, no matter what builder you pick, and this is our story. Every problem we had during the building process has been made right by Ryan homes. This isn't complaint blog, its how we felt at the time of our post during the building process.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 2 done, Plumbing Ground Works Inspected, Cutout Basement Door, and Backfill the Foundation

This week the plumbing ground works were inspected, we're think they must have pasted as it was covered with gravel before the end of week. They also cutout our basement door in the right location, it makes me happy to see this has been taken care of so fast, so it doesn't hold us up. Then they backfill the Foundation (some), they didn't do it in the front yet, but I'm sure they will do that later in the process. The building process seems a little slow at this stage, since there isn't much to see at this stage. Next week we will have our basement slab poured. 

Gravel filled in

We found this one page of the plans laying around, super excited to see the HVAC plans, wish we found the plans for other floors too.

Correct door location cut out
You can still see both basement openings, as the big one will be closed in with framing as we selected.
Grading filled in on the garage side.
Grading filled in on the family room and living room side

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 1 done, Foundation, footers, and ground plumbing

We went to check our house this weekend, after we got an updated from our PM with a picture, that we had our foundation poured and the plumbing ground works installed. I had a feeling there was a mistake on the location of basement walkout patio door, based on the footers we saw earlier in the week and I was right, it was in the wrong spot.  We had done a red flag change on the location of the basement door, which we confirmed with them at our pre-construction meeting. Our SR was there so we shared the problem with him and asked if we needed to inform our PM of the mistake. Our SR said he would call our PM and see what they could do. Our SR called us later that day saying our PM they would be fixing the foundation to relocate the door.  The door should be where the small window is and window where the door is. They will be cutting the foundation where the wrong small window is to make room for the correct door, then frame in with wood covered in siding instead of concrete the wrong door opening for an upgraded full size window, instead the small window that included. We were given the option to close the opening with concrete with a small window or close the the opening with framing/sliding with a large upgraded window. We picked the large window of course, lol. Hopefully this was the right decision.

 Here is example picture I found on Google (above). Our siding extension will be down the back of the morning room (below).

We doubled checked to make sure we had our 3 piece rough in, and it was there. 

There was a orange dotted line around the house showing the grading. We were very happy with the grading, as it was just what we wanted.

Next week we will have our plumbing inspected and backfill the foundation. Then the next week we will have our basement slab poured and have everything ready for frameing. I'm really excited for the frameing. 

And now for some pictures!!!

Footers from the back of the house, this is when I first notice the basement door maybe put in the wrong location, but wasn't sure at this time, since it wasn't finished yet.

From the right side back, (living room and family room side)

From the right side front, (living room and family room side)

The foundation from the front

From the right front

Side grading :)

The back, the door should be where the small window is on the the right back, and window where the door is. 

View of all the plumbing from the back of the house

Plumbing up close

Main plumbing line up close

Something I thought looked funny, could be nothing but just incase (this is where they should have put our door)

Something I thought looked funny, could be nothing but just incase (this is where the rear porch is)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We broke ground

My husband drove by our lot late last night on his way home from work to check to see if they started. Glad he went after I told him there was no need as we could wait to see it on the weekend when there would be more done, lol. It's a great feeling to know they have started on our lot. 

We have a deep hole on our lot with some boards framed for them to pour the footers. They should will be pouring the footers soon then the foundation, as there is already a truck bed full of foundation forms at our lot. 

So it’s official, we have broken ground! My husband took some pictures but it was really dark out, so it’s hard to see. We will do the full checkout this weekend when they have more done to look at and its light outside. 

The good news is that our hole is really deep so our house will sit low for less steps in the front. Very Happy!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

We got our real Breaking ground date

So this Friday our PM emailed us and said we are scheduled to Break ground, Excavation, Footing, and Foundation for next week. We are super excited to finally break ground. We can't wait to go see the foundation next weekend. It's been a long time coming, but the money we saved waiting made it all worth the wait. 

We went to check out our dirt last weekend and there was very large pile of rock on our lot which came from a couple lots down, not sure why they put it on our lot, but no big deal as it was mostly moved this weekend. I hope they move the rest of the rock before they lay the sod, as I don't want a bunch of rock under our grass that will make our grass uneven or hard to dig holes for our fence. Not a problem at this time, just something to check on before they lay the sod. All the lots they finished and laid sod, look great, so I'm sure our lot will too. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What's included question fixed, very happy

As you may have read in one of my recent post we wanted columns in our dining room, but we're told they weren't included in the dining room, but we thought they were included. 

After talking with our PM and SR we have resolved this issue and are very happy with the outcome, in fact we are happier then we were before when we thought the columns were included in both the living room and dining room. 

As we didn't want the columns in the living room, but wanted columns in the dining room. They agreed the columns were included in living room, just not in the dining room. So we asked if the columns in the living room could just be put in the dining room instead, leaving the living room without columns. At first this was a no, then I re-explained it, then they said yes. I'm so glad I explained it again. 

We are still only getting the columns they agree that are included and no extra columns, just installed in a different room. Doing my happy dance, lol. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We got our design guidelines and standards handbook (HOA)

We received our design guidelines and standards handbook (What I like to call HOA documents) last weekend. We have been really wanting to read this since we had to sign we agreement to it before we could read it, since it wasn't written when we signed our purchase agreement, like many others buying in the beginning stage of communities. My overall reaction to reading it was I’m okay with everything it says, nothing is that big of a deal to me. They were a little too much detailed for my taste, you have to submit a request for almost everything and it cost to submit a request. I don’t understand why we have to submit a request and pay as long as I follow their detailed guidelines. I’m guess this is just how HOA’s are, since this the first time I have actually read this type of document. Feel free to tell me if this is normal or not. Either way I will agree to their detailed rules, lol.

My main worry was a fence. I really wanted to be able to have 6ft privacy fence for my back yard for our very large dog. I was warned when I signed that most likely we would not be able to have what I wanted but would be able to have some type of fence most likely. I was okay as long as we could have a fence for our dog.

Well guess what, we can have a fence that I’m happy, it’s very detailed on what style it has to be, which is making it very hard to find anyone at all that sells this style. I have checked Home depot, Lowes, long fence, and others vendors/stores, but none of them have something that fits the detailed given.

If you know a Vendor that sells 6 feet (72inch) high semi-privacy picket fences white vinyl with dog ear picket caps with 1-1.75 space between pickets (pictured below) let me know please.