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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's included, that's the question...

We had a very difficult time understand what’s included as standard. Anyone else have this problem? We got a list of standards (not formal paperwork just the flyer) and when asked why we weren’t getting what’s included (wood floor in half bath), they told me what I had was wrong. Well I could clearly see it was wrong as verbally we were told it all electric but the standards list gas and there are no gas lines to our community. Not a big deal that the flyer was wrong (not just outdated). You would think then they would correct it and give me a copy of it corrected. Never got this, I’m guessing they didn’t give it to us since we didn’t ask. I feel like I ask so many questions that I thought they would just know by now I wanted a copy, lol. Now we are being told something else that we thought was included isn’t and cost extra (columns in the dining room), these are clearly show on the floor plan we signed (just like the columns in the living room that they agree are included) and not listed on the extra options sheet, so you would think its included, wrong. So why did I sign the floor plan showing them as included if they weren’t, they should have been marked opt. like all the other options that are extra? It seems they are referring to another piece of paperwork that list what’s included that we didn’t never see, which they should have giving us to sign you would think. We have now asked for this paperwork. I’m not sure if this is normal they show you this unless asked, but I’m going recommend to my SR that a copy of this be giving to people when they sign or before. As I have a right to know what I’m buying, and I shouldn’t have to ask for what’s included, like when you buy anything at the store it clearly list what’s included in the box. 

So if you want to know what’s included ask for a list if you didn’t get it, and if you think you have a list go over the list with your SR to make sure that it’s not a mistake and it’s the list they are using. This should be easy to clear up as it should be in black and white somewhere, then the question will be why was it shown/list differently on what we signed? O our SR loves us with our never ending questions. 


  1. If I signed something saying it was in the plan, I'd make a stink till they included it. How frustrating for you. Our SR took us through each room line by line so we knew what was included and what was an upgrade. But we came armed with a ton of questions as well. I hope it all works out for you.

  2. That is horrible that they didn't tell you what was included or not. If I were you, I would make my own list of items you expect to be included, and then have them sign it. Or at the very least, email them a list of the things you believe to be included and ask them to respond if your assumptions are incorrect. This creates a paper trail, that you can point back to at pre-settlement inspection and request they do before you sign.

  3. I'm sorry they are doing that to you. Your community doesn't sound like it is on top of things. Our particular community actually has a lot of things that are standard that most other RH community has an an upgrade (front porch is standard elevation, hardwood floors throughout lower level, granite counter tops, upgraded landscaping package. I would push back tell them you expect them to cover the cost for hardwood floors in the powder room. This shouldn't be a big deal for them.

  4. Sorry that you are having a hard time. It really depends on the community that you are building in. While looking at the floor plans, it can be difficult to determine what's included and what's not. However, you should have a complete list of items that are included. I have found that, if you are basic things off of the model. You will be confused, LOL. The models are all upgraded and included mostly every option available.