We blogged about the building process of our house to document it for ourselves and to help others. Our house is finished and we have moved in and we love our home. Building a house isn't a process that goes perfectly, no matter what builder you pick, and this is our story. Every problem we had during the building process has been made right by Ryan homes. This isn't complaint blog, its how we felt at the time of our post during the building process.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shopping for things to go inside the new house

Things for the new house

Washer and Dryer 

Samsung 5.6-cu ft High-Efficiency Front-Load Washer with Steam Cycle (Onyx) ENERGY STAR

Item #: 565957 |  Model #:  WF56H9100AG

Samsung 9.5-cu ft Electric Dryer with Steam Cycles (Onyx)

Item #: 565958 |  Model #:  DV56H9100EG
We chose these models because of the capacity and waterline hookup for the steam of the dryer. Normally $1699 each and we got for $1040 each. We got them at lowes using a 10% off coupon, plus they were on sale. We got the pedestals at Home Depot for $165 each (50% off).

New Furinture from Bob's Furniture
2 Night Stands and Chest from the Bentley Collection (chest $399 and night stand each $229)
Mattress, Power Bob with Bob-O-Pedicure Gel King Plush on both sides ($2199)

Aspen King Bedframe ($899)

Grand Prix Power Reclining Sofa and Loveseat ($1578)

Crackle End Tables 2 ($100 each)

Dining Room Table and 6 Chairs ($599)

Thermostat, can control it from anywhere with internet we got it for ($200)

Blinds from selectblinds (max spending $1000) they are cheap and  good quality

Fence, we will install ourselves (max spending $3000)

Garage door opener ($168) we price this out at three different stores Walmart had the best deal!

Salt less Water softener and filter from Pelican, Have one on these in my current place and I love it and will never go without this again, (normally $2049, but we got for $1960 with 8 free pre-filters), if you have hard water this is a must, no salt, no wasted water, no power needed, and cleans buildup if your didn't install it in the first place.

2 Fans, Family room and Master ($164 each)

Morning room light ($65)

Rugs, to protect the carpet in the basement from the dog’s muddy paws, I watch the video for testing this rug with muddy paws/shoes and you don’t even have to swipe your feet, just step on and off, perfect as I know my dog won’t be wiping his feet ($60 for 2)

Door Protection from the Dog


  1. I'm impressed with how organized you are! We've started looking into lighting and some furniture but we haven't settled on anything yet. I plan on getting the rev-a-shelf since our kitchen is so open that I don't want a trashcan out in the open. I really like that Clean Step rug you linked too for our puppy.

  2. Girl you are ready to go! That's awesome. There are a ton of things I need to look at i.e. water softener FOR SURE and a new mattress.. but then I look at the price tag and I cry a little. But anyway, love the choice of the bedroom set. It's gorgeous.

  3. Thanks, I love planning and organizing things. This belay has been a big help with saving for all the extra stuff we want, but couldn't afford to do at closeing until all the delays. Really glad we had the delay. Still planning our custom Master closet design. We plan to build it our selfs.

  4. Nice shopping list. Did you check out the Nest Thermostat?

    Also, (not sure if it's just me or if it looks this way to everyone) here's a tip for the blog images:
    If you go to Template -> Customize, and then select "Adjust Widths", you can change the width of the entire blog, so when you insert pictures as X-Large they will fit with no overhang.


  5. Thanks for tip.

    We looked at the nest first actual, since it's the one you always hear about. The big feature is it learns your habits instead you programming it. I perfer to program it myself. We also wanted more of a display then nest had. Another thing we liked was the temperature swing was smaller then the nest.
    This place does a really good compare, and rates nest the best. I just preferred the Honeywell one.

  6. Thanks for sharing all of these products, I am going to look into the water softening system, is it a filter too?

    1. That water softener has an optionally whole house filter you can add, but the pre filter (blue thing) is included. The one I listed above includes the optionally whole house filter.

  7. Hi Page. We just bought Garage door openers from Amazon with a 15% promo going on. Chamberlain belt driven is at a good deal and it has great reviews. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00APL6Q0W?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00