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Friday, March 13, 2015

Closet design

The measurement markings are very hard to read, so here is it with the markings.

Forgive if you can't tell what anything is, i'm no architect. I designed the layout around having the vanity near an outlet on the other side of the way, to make it easy to run the power for the extra outlet and light. 

Reading my design:

The box labeled bath is our bathroom. The box labeled bed is our bedroom. (Not actual size, just to mark where the outlets will be on the other side of the wall)

The long skinny box with wavy lines coming from it, will be a Full length mirror. The wavy line symbolize the space I need to stand in front of the mirror. 

In the top corners and middle right corner will have towers. The two end towers will have a fold out laundry hamper, two drawers and three open shelves. The corner towel will have three large open shelves. There are top shelves, high and low hanging pole between all the towers. 

On the bottom end there will a top shelf running across with the high and low hanging polls. There will be a low shelf and lowing hanging pole attach the vanity. 

Our vanity is the box on the right next to the door with vanity light above it. The vanity will be a fold up mirror to hide the mess. It will have an outlet and light switch for the light above it. 

We plan to build it and cut all the wood ourselves. Wish us luck. Everyone at my workouts thinks this is crazy to build yourself, but, I'm going to try to prove them wrong. :)

Pictures of my inspiration are below 


  1. My wife just saw that vanity and loves it. We had outlets added in the master closets for this reason. Who sells that vanity?

  2. I saw that vanity on Pintris, http://pinterest.com/pin/416371928019658495/, I searched vanity with fold up mirror. We plan to just build one to match, if all else false we will buy on.

  3. This link says who makes it, http://ths.gardenweb.com/discussions/2269231/make-up-vanity

  4. Love it! You can come design my closet haha! It's going to be smaller than yours, but I love your idea. Cannot wait to see you guys build it. I'm sure you can. :)

  5. WOW this closet looks amazing, are you all building it yourself.

    1. Yes, I have laid out all the cuts for all the wood, just will need to remeasure after the drywall goes up just in case. My husband will be doing most of the work I'm sure, I just come up with plans and he does the hard work part, lol. Not sure if we will do this right when we move in, as I have priced it out to cost around $600-$700, for the wood, stain, trim, and hardware.

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