We blogged about the building process of our house to document it for ourselves and to help others. Our house is finished and we have moved in and we love our home. Building a house isn't a process that goes perfectly, no matter what builder you pick, and this is our story. Every problem we had during the building process has been made right by Ryan homes. This isn't complaint blog, its how we felt at the time of our post during the building process.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Status update on selling our current place and start date of our build

I just wanted to check in. I’m waiting to hear if ours plans were submitted for permits yet, as our break ground date is less than 1 ½ weeks away. We had a lot of random snow/ freezing rain so I’m not sure if that has affected our start date. Our SR told us he would let us know if this happened, so I’m guessing no delay, but you never know. We plan to go check out our lot this weekend, and take a picture with our lot sign if it’s up. Not sure if it's up yet. Last weekend when we drove by there were lot signs for the road of houses in front of ours and the townhouses were framed with roofs. It looks like things are moving along.

We are still trying to sell our current place, but have moved out to help it sell. I hope it works, because living there while it was on the market just wasn’t working for us. I was told we must sell our currently place 30 days before we close on our new house. With our current timeline that means we need to have it sold by April 13 (so we at least need an offer by March 13) which is right around the counter. This has got my husband and I really worried, as we didn’t think it would take this long to sell our place. I have learned there are a lot of stupid people in this world while trying to sell our place.  There are people who rather pay more to get less. There are people who go to showings and don’t open doors to rooms then ask if we had things that they didn’t open the door to. Who goes to a showing and doesn’t go in all the rooms? I can’t help stupid.

Here are some pictures I took awhile back of the view from our lot that I never posted.

The view from the front of lot to the main road. This space will be filled with other houses.
The view of our lot from the soon to be road.
The view from the back of our lot of what's behind our lot. This space will be left open. 


  1. I don't know what to make of the dates. :( We were told by the PM on Tuesday our permit would be picked up on Wednesday and that they would break ground Thursday or today but never heard from him since. No clue what to expect as it's just somewhat frustrating. I get the weather has been awful but I'm getting frustrated hoping for a day that keeps getting missed. I do well with not knowing at this point because we have heard every closing date from July of last year to April 15th of this year. So it is what it is at this point for us both, I suppose. :) But good luck on selling your home. I'm sure you will do it! :)

    PS. Your view is going to be AWESOME!

    1. Yea, I feel the same way. Communication is the key, but it seems like they don't care about keeping us in the loop. I hope when when we both start breaking ground that changes. I think they don't want to tell us about the delays since we have already had so many, but I don't care as long as I'm kept in the loop. Hopefully you will break ground on Monday.

  2. We are in a similar situation. We went non-contingent so if we do not sell our home then we'll be in a two mortgage situation, which will be a challenge! We've had quite a few showings. We've been frustrated because buyers are looking for a new kitchen, bath, and other particulars to be perfect!! But, trying to stay optimistic because it only takes one person to like the house.

    We too are waiting to hear back from our SR about a start date. I've been a bit disappointed with the lack of communication. I constantly find that I have to reach out in order to find out what's happening with the home. I'm hoping that this is not a sign of things to come....when you are spending the money that we are you hope for the highest quality service. Not that service is bad...just hoping that communication improves!

    Hopefully your sale sign is up so that you can take pictures!! I'm sure that will be exciting!! Good luck on the sale of your house....it'll happen soon!!

    1. Thanks! Ur right it only takes one person to like it and buy it. I'm thinking the communication will improve once we break ground since they will have good news to share then instead delay news, lol.